An Honest Whole30 Review 

I just finished the Whole30 challenge. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s avoiding:

  • Dairy
  • Added sugar
  • Grains
  • Alcohol 
  • Legumes
  • Carrageenan, MSG, and Sulfites
  • Junk food

And it’s not to say that these foods are all inherently bad, the plan calls these foods trigger foods foods that commonly cause bloat or allergic reactions in people. 

The day I started the plan, my co-worker brought in two dozen donuts. Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I love me some SWEETS! And when I say love, if I go out to eat and start to get full I will stop eating my entree just so I can save space for dessert. Donuts are not my favorite sweet, but there was something about the chocolate iced ones with sprinkles. They stared at me. If you listened hard enough, you probably could of heard them saying my name. My problem with sweets is if I really like it, I can’t have just one. I must eat them all!  So not only did I eat one donut, nor did I eat two. I ate three chocolate iced donuts with sprinkles within 5 minutes.  My favorite dessert of all is Filipino flan. It’s much thicker than Spanish flan. I have sat down and ate a pie sized flan all by myself in one sitting before, just to give you an idea of what I mean when I say:

I love sweets!

Anyway, back to Whole30. The first week of Whole30 was difficult. I had headaches from not eating as many carbs and sugar. I missed spaghetti, breads, and oatmeal. I couldn’t even eat rice to soak up all the flavor from the meats I was cooking. However, I did notice a huge difference in the grocery bill. Not buying all the extra carbs and processed foods brought our weekly bill down $40! Which is big for us. That’s at least $160 a month going towards our ‘Debt snowball.’ Another benefit I saw the first week, was that I lost 6 pounds. The Whole30 Book tells you not to worry about the weight coming off because that is not the focus. The focus is changing your mindset and relationship towards food. But I couldn’t help it. I needed to jump on the scale and weigh myself so I would know I wasn’t wasting my time. I’m glad I did because seeing that I lost those 6 pounds motivated me to continue the plan. 

After that first week, it was pretty much smooth sailing. I enjoyed knowing that I was producing healthier meals for both me and my family. So here is a list of my pros and cons for the last 30 days:


Simplifies food prep.  I never realized how much thought, effort, and time that I used to put into cooking. With Whole30, I pretty much stuck to the same breakfast everyday and 5 different meals for dinner. As for lunch, I just ate leftovers from the night before. 

Saves money.  Not only did I save money during grocery shopping, I saved money from not buying as much fast food as I used to. No more burgers or apple pies. I made sure I packed my lunch so I wouldn’t have to worry about eating foods that were not allowed on the plan. 

Acne on my face cleared up. After I had my son 7 months ago, it seemed like my forehead developed bumps overnight. It was probably from all the sugar and processed carbs I was eating. 

I finally have control over sweets! Not drinking Stevia in my coffee was hard.  Whole30 doesn’t even allow artificial sweeteners. This is to reprogram your mind into not craving sweets. This was definitely me. In the past, every time I had a meal, I craved something sweet behind it. I was able to break this addiction during the cleanse. 


Constipation. I’m usually a ‘regular’ BM kind of girl. Like at least twice a day, but I found on Whole30, sometimes I wouldn’t go for two days! That’s just unacceptable in my book. I feel weighed down if I don’t go everyday. 

Less breast milk production. This was not too much of a big deal since my son is 7 months and supplementing with solids. However, I don’t recommend this if your baby is less than 3 months old. I noticed that I was producing half of what I usually did. 

No oatmeal, rice, or beans. I enjoy warm oatmeal in the morning especially since it is quick and expensive and something I could just throw into my lunch bag even if I was running late. I was also surprised to learn that brown rice was not allowed. Rice and beans are just a staple side item in my home. Like oatmeal, the fact that it’s super inexpensive we tend to eat it 4-5 times a week. 

I cheated. I didn’t realize corn was not on the menu. It was my go to vegetable when I went out to eat and needed a side item. Unfortunately, corn is considered a grain, not a vegetable. Who knew? 

Overall, I recommend Whole30 to anyone who has food addictions especially to sugar.  Whole30 enabled me to gain control and to be mindful of what I put into my body. However, some of the foods that I will reintroduce into my diet are brown rice, corn, beans, and oatmeal. Eating those 4 foods help with fiber intake and helps me be a happy, ‘regular’ girl. In the end, eating well is all about having control. Control over what you allow into your life and this has definitely trickled down into every area of my life, but that’s another post, for another day. 


8 thoughts on “An Honest Whole30 Review 

  1. Whole30 Challenge can be a great starting point if you’re trying to figure out what your body doesn’t tolerate well but the caloric reduction due to all the restrictions can make it real difficult to do a lot of things including breastfeeding. (you gotta spend all day nibbling depending where your metabolic rate is) But fiber is key…I’ve found since cutting back on grains that apples are my best friend to stay regular.


    1. Lol. I definitely did not have any motivation or energy to get to the gym. I’m sure I’ve lost some serious muscle mass as a result 😩. I’ve heard many people say that about apples, but for some reason my body doesn’t react to them. Maybe it’s the type of apples. Which ones do you prefer?


      1. I’ve been really partial to honey crisps lately and pink ladies are good too. Have the skin and all and go organic if you can ’cause apples can really grab hold of pesticide. Pears are good too if you like the taste. And now that you finished Whole30 you can definitely have some dried fruit, raisins, dates, prunes. And now that it’s summer definitely have some mangoes that’ll work wonders; plus added bonus high in potassium!


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